Music starts in the heart of you. It doesn’t move everyone the same way. Not everyone has a passion for music that is so intense it consumes their entire life path. Growing up in a traditionally Jamaican household in the 90’s, in Brooklyn, NY is definitely an easy way to be consumed by music. Graffiti stained brick encompassed a city filled with emotion. Music served as an outlet of expression. Whether it was love or anger, pride or discouragement there was a song to soothe the masses. Pride in culture was another driving force. Immigrants brought with them food, customs, religion and music from their homeland. When those immigrants shared pieces of themselves with each other it provided a melting pot rich with sound so heavy it evoked movement. This movement linked strangers with different cultures and made them threads of a beautiful tapestry. Music weaved them together tightly. Influenced by some of the greats such as Notorious B.I.G and Jay-Z as well as some serious reggae legends, DJ Schemes started dabbling with mixing and spinning Hip Hop and Reggae melodies and beats early in life. He fondly recalls heading to downtown Brooklyn to buy the latest records from Beat Street to practice his skills. He realized he had an ear for mixing at an early age. It was a truth he was proud of. Music and Basketball were the only two pastimes that kept his full attention and as the years went by it was music that stole the show. He attributes his success as a party starter and entertainer to his cousins who gave him the opportunity to come with them to the clubs in New York and study what moved the crowd and what just didn’t work. He studied other DJs like most study text books. Those early lessons and practice followed him to undergrad at West Virginia University where he became not only one of the most successful and well respected DJs in the area but an active member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated. If there was talk of a great party that just could not be missed it was more than likely that DJ Schemes would be on the turntables. After college he relocated to an area where most of the fans he made in undergrad resided, the DMV. His current success is a testament to this wise decision and his fans were appreciative to move into the next phase of life still partying with their beloved DJ. DJ Schemes currently belongs to a globally recognized group of professional disc jockeys called Core DJs, created by industry guru and CEO Tony Neal. Locally, he is a member of “The Team”; a group of the most influential DJs in the DC metropolitan area. Schemes has had the opportunity to work with many music industry celebrities including but not limited to: Drake, Curren$y, Nicki Minaj, Dipset and Young Jeezy. He spins on Shade 45 radio once a month and spins on several stations across the nation. Schemes is currently constructing an artist development and consulting company. His intention is to give aspiring artists the tools they need to be successful in a business where the smallest details can mean the difference between success and failure. With a plethora of experience, vast knowledge key elements of the entertainment industry and a strong team of investors and mentors interested in the endeavor, this venture is already shaping up to be a successful one. DJ Schemes has also created an android and iTunes application available for free download entitled DJ Schemes App.